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Telecom Services


Panasonic factory trained BTS Dealer

Offering the new Panasonic IP-PBX series


We also offer service on many major brands of telephone equipment

Adds  (add a station or line)

Moves   (moving your equipment to a new location)

Changes  (simple or complex changes


Prewire new offices for your telephone and data requirements


Call us for an affordable quote.

(775) 831-7827  ext 1000










Hosted Voicemail Services


Voicemail services, from one mailbox to 1000.


Fax Mail services   why pay for a dedicated fax line.  We can receive your faxes and email them to you.  Access your faxes from anywhere you have internet access


Call for information:

(775) 833-3200  ext 1000



Call (866) 537-3020






Did I reach the right company?


Some things we don't do

We don't fix or sell TV sets

We don't sell childrens toys

We don't sell Electronic Parts


We only sell telephone equipment in the Lake Tahoe (Reno) area of Nevada.

























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